Category Vend Name  
Abrasives ANDERSON PRODUCTS CO Power Brushes, Abrasives, Maintenance Products
Abrasives ARC ABRASIVES Abrasive Cut-Off Wheels
Abrasives ATI GARRYSON Discs, Wheels, Rolls, Carbide Burrs
Abrasives BARKER BROTHERS INC Buffing Wheels
Abrasives BRUSH MAN LLC Hand brushes, Brooms, Cleaning brushes
Abrasives BRUSH RESEARCH MFG Power Brushes, Hones, Abrasive brushes
Abrasives BUEHLER LTD Discs, Wheels, Belts, Films, Abrasive Powders, Polishing Compounds
Abrasives DESMOND-STEPHAN MFG Abrasive Wheel Dressers
Abrasives L.R. OLIVER & CO Discs & Wheels
Abrasives Merit Abrasives Belts, Discs, Rolls, Sheets
Abrasives MINNESOTA MINING & MANUFACTURING Belts, Discs, Rolls, Sheets, Scotch-Brite Surface Conditioning
Abrasives MIRKA ABRASIVES Belts, Discs, Rolls, Sheets
Abrasives MODERN ABRASIVES CO Mounted points
Abrasives Osborn Brushes Power brushes, maintenance brushes, abrasive brushes
Abrasives PFERD Discs, Wheels, Belts, Sheets, Files, Burrs, Power Brushes, Hole Saws, Mounted Points
Abrasives PRECISION ABRASIVES Bands, Belts, Rolls, Cons, Non-Woven
Abrasives RADIAC ABRASIVES INC Bonded Abrasives
Abrasives SAIT ABRASIVES INC Discs, Wheels, Non-Woven, Burrs, Power Brushes, Bonded Abrasives, Diamond
Abrasives SIA ABRASIVES INC USA Abrasive belts, discs, rolls, sheets
Abrasives SUPERIOR ABRASIVES Discs, Rolls, Stars, Non-Woven, Mounted Points, Buffing Wheels
Abrasives WOODSTOCK INTERNATIONAL Woodworking Tools & Equipment
Category Vend Name  
Adhesives 3M-MARINE TRADES DIVISION Adhesives & Sealants, tapes - Industrial, packaging, specialty
Adhesives Accu-Lube Lubricants
Adhesives AERVOE INDUSTRIES INC Aerosol paints and chemicals
Adhesives ALUM-A-LUB LUBRICANTS Lubricants
Adhesives DIP SEAL  Plastic protective coatings
Adhesives FPC CORPORATION Glue guns, adhesives, staple guns, brad nailers, hammers, rivet tools
Adhesives GORILLA GLUE CO Polyurethane adhesive
Adhesives GRAYMILLS CORP Parts cleaning solutions
Adhesives INTERNATIONAL PRODUCTS P-80 Emulsion (Deere)
Adhesives ITW FLUIDS NORTH AMERICA Rustlick cutting fluids
Adhesives KANO LABORATORIES Kroil Oil Lubricant
Adhesives KENT MFG CO Die cut tapes & adhesives
Adhesives KLUBER LUBRICATION Lubricants
Adhesives KOOLMIST CORP WHSE Coolants & coolant systems
Adhesives LIGHTFAB Die cut adhesives, labels
Adhesives LPS LABORATORIES Cutting Fluids, Specialty chemicals
Adhesives MANUS PRODUCTS Sealants, Adhesives
Adhesives MONROE FLUID TECHNOLOGIES Cutting fluids & coolants
Adhesives Permatex Adhesives & Sealants
Adhesives POLYCRAFT PRODUCTS, Composite bonding
Adhesives RELTON CORP Cutting fluids
Adhesives RUSTOLEUM Paints & sealants
Category Vend Name  
Cutting Tools ACTIVE MACHINE & TOOL Routers for wood, plastics, solid surface
Cutting Tools ALLIED MACHINE & ENGINEERING Spade Drills & Holders
Cutting Tools ARNTZ INC. Circular & bandsaw blades
Cutting Tools BALAX INC Thread forming Taps
Cutting Tools CLEVELAND STEEL TOOL Punches & dies
Cutting Tools CRITERION MACHINE WORKS Boring system for CNC
Cutting Tools DAYTON PRECISION PUNCH Punches & Dies
Cutting Tools DORMER HSS & High performance drills, taps and endmills
Cutting Tools DUMONT CORP Broaches
Cutting Tools EMUGE CORP Hi Performance Taps
Cutting Tools E-Z BURR TOOL CO INC Deburring tools
Cutting Tools EZE-LAP DIAMOND PRODUCTS Diamond stones, files, sharpeners
Cutting Tools FASTCUT TOOL CORPORATION HSS & High Performance Taps
Cutting Tools FOREST CITY TOOL INC Woodworking tools & Equipment
Cutting Tools GREENFIELD INDUSTRIES HSS drills, taps, reamers, dies
Cutting Tools HANSFORD MFG CORP Davis keyseat cuttings
Cutting Tools HEINEMANN SAW DIV Circular saw blades
Cutting Tools HERCO CUTTING TOOLS Carbide & Diamond cutting tools
Cutting Tools HOUGEN MFG INC Rotabroach cutters & mag drills
Cutting Tools HTC Tool & Cutter HSS & Carbide drill, reamers, endmills, burrs
Cutting Tools JANCY ENGINEERING INC Slugger cutters
Cutting Tools KAY-ZEE INC Vent Drills
Cutting Tools KENNAMETAL INC Carbide indexable tooling
Cutting Tools KEO CUTTERS Drill & Countersinks, Counterbores, milling cutters spotting drills
Cutting Tools LAVALLEE & IDE INC HSS reamers
Cutting Tools LEXINGTON CUTTER INC Carbide brazed tooling
Cutting Tools LMT ONSRUD, LP HSS & Carb routers
Cutting Tools M.C. CARBIDE TOOL CO Carbide round cutting tools
Cutting Tools MALCO SAW CO INC HSS & Carbide slitting and slotting saws
Cutting Tools MATE PRECISION TOOLING Punches & Dies
Cutting Tools MELIN TOOL CO HSS & Carbide endmills
Cutting Tools MICHIGAN DRILL CORP HSS & Carbide drills, taps, reamers, countersinks, 
Cutting Tools MORRIS WOOD TOOL CO Woodworking drills, routers and cutters
Cutting Tools MORSE CUTTING TOOLS Drills, taps, endmills, reamers, counterbores, burrs, saws
Cutting Tools NORTH AMERICAN TOOL Special taps
Cutting Tools NTM INC Special indexable holders and repairs
Cutting Tools Peerless Cutting Tools HSS & Carbide drills, taps, reamers, countersinks, 
Cutting Tools PORTER PRECISION PRODUCTS Punches, dies, die springs
Cutting Tools PRECISION TWIST DRILL HSS and cobalt drills
Cutting Tools PRAMET Indexable carbide inserts and cutters
Cutting Tools QUALITY CHASER CO Thread chasers
Cutting Tools REGAL BELOIT CORP Special taps
Cutting Tools REGAL DIAMOND PRODUCTS Diamond & CBN Wheels
Cutting Tools REPUBLIC DRILL CORP HSS drills, taps, counterbores, reamers
Cutting Tools ROBB JACK CORP HSS & Carbide drills, endmills, routers
Cutting Tools ROGERS TOOL WORKS Indexable tooling
Cutting Tools ROTARY TECHNOLOGIES Indexable milling cutters
Cutting Tools SANDVIK COROMANT CO Indexable tooling
Cutting Tools SAWS INTERNATIONAL Saw blades
Cutting Tools SEV*CAL HSS & Carbide burrs & cutters
Cutting Tools SEVERANCE TOOL HSS & Carbide burrs & cutters
Cutting Tools SIMONDS INTERNATIONAL Bandsaw blades, files, cutting knives
Cutting Tools STARLITE INDUSTRIES Carbide rounds, superabrasive tools
Cutting Tools STELLRAM Indexable tooling
Cutting Tools SUMITOMO ELECTRIC CARBIDE Carbide round & indexable
Cutting Tools SUPERIOR DIE SET CO Die sets & Components
Cutting Tools TEK-NI-KUT CORP Round tools
Cutting Tools THURSTON MFG COMPANY Slitting saws, knives
Cutting Tools UNION BUTTERFIELD HSS and cobalt threading tools and accessories
Cutting Tools UNIPUNCH PRODUCTS INC C-frame punches
Cutting Tools UNITTOOL PUNCH & DIE C-frame punches
Cutting Tools VALENITE Indexable tooling
Cutting Tools VERMONT PRECISION TOOLING Drill & Reamer blanks
Cutting Tools VERNON DEVICES INC Chamfer & Deburring tools
Cutting Tools W L FULLER INC Woodworking drills, countersinks, counterbores, taper point drills
Cutting Tools WALTON Tap extractors
Cutting Tools WELDON TOOL COMPANY HSS & Carbide endmills
Cutting Tools WHITNEY TOOL CO. INC Woodruff cutters, counterbores, dovetail cutters, drill & countersinks
Cutting Tools WIDELL INDUSTRIES INC Special HSS taps
Cutting Tools WIDIA PRODUCTS GROUP Carbide endmills & indexable milling cutters
Category Vend Name  
fasteners ALL AMERICA All Thread Rod
fasteners CHICAGO HARDWARE Eye bolts, Wire Rope Clamps
fasteners COLD HEADERS Socket screw products
fasteners DE-STA-CO Clamps
fasteners GESIPA FASTENERS USA Rivets and riveting systems
fasteners GRIPNAIL CORP ?????
fasteners HOLO-KROME FASTENER Socket screw products
fasteners METRIC & MC Metric fasteners
fasteners SELTZER T-Slot components
Category Vend Name  
Fluid Handling ALEMITE CORPORATION Fluid handling systems
Fluid Handling ARO Fluid handling systems - diaphragm pumps, piston pumps, applicator guns, accessories
Fluid Handling GRAYMILLS CORP Industrial pumps, parts washers, 
Fluid Handling INDELCO PLASTICS Thermoplastic fittings, tanks and pumping systems
Category Vend Name  
Fluid Power AIRMITE DEVICES INC Pneumatic values & cylinders
Fluid Power ALLIED WITAN CO Air Mufflers & silencers
Fluid Power AMERICAN CYLINDER CO Low profile, Non Repairable, Linear Slide & Tie Rod cylinders, right angle flow controls
Fluid Power ARO Air line accessories, cylinders, valves, F-R-Ls, Pumps
Fluid Power COILHOSE PNEUMATICS Self storing hose, fittings, F-R-Ls, coupler & connectors
Fluid Power DIXON BRASS Brass fittings
Fluid Power EXAIR CORP Vac-U-Gun, Chip Vacuums
Fluid Power FABCO-AIR INC Pancake cylinders, grippers, fittings, manifolds, valves, slides, automation components
Fluid Power FLANGELOCK LLC Hydraulic flange fitting capping systems
Fluid Power GALLAND-HENNING NOPAK Air/hydraulic/water cylinders & valves
Fluid Power GUARDAIR CORP Specialty blow guns, siphon guns, pneumatic vacuums
Fluid Power HANSEN COUPLING INC Couplers & Connectors
Fluid Power HELLERMANN TYTON Hose clamps
Fluid Power INGERSOLL-RAND CO F-R-Ls, valves, cylinders, air line accessories
Fluid Power LAMAN CORP Air driers, lubricators
Fluid Power MAYON PLASTICS Vinyl tubing
Fluid Power MEAD FLUID DYNAMICS Air cylinders & valves, air system components
Fluid Power MONNIER INC Filter-Regulator-Lubricators, gauges
Fluid Power OETIKER INC Hose clamps
Fluid Power Weatherhead Brass fittings
Category Vend Name  
Hand Tools Allen Hex keys & sets
Hand Tools ALLPAX GASKET CUTTER Gasket cutting tools
Hand Tools Ampco Safety Tools Non-sparking hand tools
Hand Tools APEX Impact sockets & bits, nut runner tools
Hand Tools Armstrong Bros Tool Hand tools, clamps, punches & chisels, sockets, wrenches
Hand Tools BAD DOG TOOLS Specialty C/T drills, nibble attachments
Hand Tools Bahco Ergonomic hand tools, bandsaw blades, holecutters
Hand Tools BELKNAP COMPANY Torque wrenches
Hand Tools BERNZOMATIC Hand torches & accessories
Hand Tools BESSEY TOOLS LTD C-clamps, woodworking clamps
Hand Tools BONDHUS CORP Ball hex drivers
Hand Tools C H HANSON CO Hand stamps, tags, stencils, tapes & flags
Hand Tools CHANNELLOCK INC Groove joint pliers
Hand Tools CLAUSS CUTLERY Scissors, Shears, Trimmers, Tweezers
Hand Tools Crescent Adjustable wrenches, nut drivers, screwdrivers
Hand Tools CUSTOM LEATHER CRAFT Tool holsters, belts, work gear
Hand Tools DASCO PRO INC Chisels, punches, bars, hammers, angle finders
Hand Tools DURABLE MECCO Stamps
Hand Tools ECLIPSE TOOLS NORTH AMERICAN Magnets, Hand Tools, Power Tools
Hand Tools EKLIND TOOL CO Hex keys & sets
Hand Tools Erem Electronics cutters & pliers
Hand Tools Excelite Electronics pliers, screwdrivers, nutdrivers, specialty tools
Hand Tools GARLAND MFG CO Non-marring mallets & hammers
Hand Tools GENERAL TOOL MFG CO Measuring tools, woodworking tools, screwdrivers, plumbing tools, specialty tools
Hand Tools HACKET BRASS Brass hammers
Hand Tools HK Porter HD cutters, 
Hand Tools HYDE MFG CO Knives, scrapers
Hand Tools INGERSOLL-RAND CO Sockets
Hand Tools IRWIN INDUSTRIAL TOOLS Vise Grip, Unibit, saw blades, chisels, carpentry tools
Hand Tools JH WILLIAMS TOOL GROUP Wrenches, sockets, screwdrivers, pliers, hammers, torque tools, tool storage
Hand Tools KLEIN CUTLERY Scissors, Shears, Trimmers, Tweezers
Hand Tools LAPEER MFG CO Knu-Vise Clamps
Hand Tools LINK FAMILY OF HANDLES Hammers & striking tool handles
Hand Tools LISLE CORP Automotive Tools
Hand Tools LSP INDUSTRIES Soft head hammers
Hand Tools Lufkin Tape measures
Hand Tools MAINE WOOD TURNINGS File handles
Hand Tools MARTOR USA Safety knives
Hand Tools MOUNTZ INC Torque Tools
Hand Tools Nicholson Hand files, rotary burrs, hacksaws & blades, hand saws
Hand Tools NORBAR TORQUE TOOLS Torque screwdrivers & wrenches
Hand Tools NORBAR TORQUE TOOLS Automotive Tools
Hand Tools NUPLA CORP Hammers - steel faced, dead blow, replaceable tipped
Hand Tools Plumb Hammers and striking tools
Hand Tools Rennsteig Tools Specialized Hand Tools for Industry
Hand Tools ROYAL PRODUCTS Deburring Tools
Hand Tools SIMONDS INC Pneumatic cutters - pliers - crimpers
Hand Tools SNAP-ON INDUSTRIAL Wrenches, sockets, screwdrivers, pliers, hammers, torque tools, tool storage
Hand Tools STANLEY/PROTO Wrenches, sockets, screwdrivers, pliers, hammers, torque tools, tool storage
Hand Tools TENNESSEE HICKORY PRODUCTS Striking tool replacement handles
Hand Tools URREA PROFESSIONAL Hand tools, sockets, wrenches, pliers, striking tools, torque tools
Hand Tools VISE-GRIP Locking pliers & clamps
Hand Tools Weller Soldering equipment
Hand Tools WERA TOOLS LLC Screwdrivers, ratchets & sockets, torque tools
Hand Tools Wiha Screwdrivers, insert bits, pliers
Hand Tools Wiha Snips, trimmers
Hand Tools WM COLLINS CO Hammers - dead blow, bronze, replaceable tipped
Hand Tools Xcelite Electronics screwdrivers, pliers, nut drivers, cutters, sets
Hand Tools YOUNG BROS STAMP WORKS Hand stamps and stencils
Category Vend Name  
Machine Tools ALORIS TOOL TECHNOLOGIES Quick change tooling
Machine Tools BELMONT EQUIPMENT & TECHNOLOGY EDM machines & consumables
Machine Tools BIG KAISER PRECISION Tool holders, presetters
Machine Tools BIJUR LUBRICATING CO Lubrication systems
Machine Tools BILZ TOOL COMPANY INC Tool holders
Machine Tools CARR LANE MFG CO Drill bushings, drill jib components, toggle clamps, replacement chuck jaws, Swift-Sure Fixture components
Machine Tools CLAUSING IND INC Drill presses, milling machines, band saws, lathes, grinder, drills, machining centers
Machine Tools COLLIS TOOL GROUP Tool holders
Machine Tools CRITERION MACHINE WORKS Boring system for CNC
Machine Tools CTD MACHINES Cut-off saws, custom saws
Machine Tools DESCHNER CORP Hydraulic check cylinders
Machine Tools DE-STA-CO Toggle clamps, grippers, linear & rotary motion devices, end effectors
Machine Tools DORIAN TOOL INTERNATIONAL Rotary tables, vises, tool setters, tool holders, quick change tooling, live centers
Machine Tools DUMONT CORP Broaches, bushings & shims
Machine Tools DURANT TOOL CO Coil feeders & straighteners, servo feeds, wire straighteners, pallet decoilers
Machine Tools DUSTEK Dust collectors
Machine Tools ECO EISELE USA INC Cold saws, chop saws
Machine Tools FAIRLANE PRODUCTS INC Thrust screws, rest pads, grippers, rollers, bumpers
Machine Tools FISCHER PRECISE USA HS Spindles
Machine Tools GEORGE H SELTZER & CO T-slot bolts
Machine Tools H & R MFG AND SUPPLY Replacement chuck jaws
Machine Tools HARDINGE BROS INC Collets, toolholders, rotary tables
Machine Tools HEINRICH COMPANY Bench vises, air vises, collet fixtures
Machine Tools HOUGEN MFG INC Magnetic drilling units
Machine Tools HURON MACHINE PRODUCTS Replacement chuck jaws
Machine Tools INGERSOLL-RAND CO Fixtured pneumatic tools, assembly tools and accessories
Machine Tools ITW FLUIDS NORTH AMERICA Lubricants and applicators
Machine Tools JET EQUIPMENT Imported Machine Shop Equipment
Machine Tools KALAMAZOO CHUCK MFG Chucks & chuck jaws
Machine Tools KALAMAZOO INDUSTRIES Abrasive saws, belt grinders, disc sanders, dust collectors
Machine Tools KALLER GAS SPRING Gas springs
Machine Tools KOOLMIST Mist coolant applicators
Machine Tools KURT MFG CO Manual & hydraulic vises
Machine Tools LAPEER MFG CO Toggle clamps, push/pull clamps, pliers
Machine Tools LEE SPRING COMPANY Standard & special springs
Machine Tools LNS AMERICA Bar feeders, chip conveyors, air filtration, coolant systems
Machine Tools LOCKWOOD PRODUCTS Loc-Line modular hose
Machine Tools MARVEL MFG CO INC Production & Maintenance Bandsaws, contour saws, iron workers, 
Machine Tools MICROCENTRICS Chucks
Machine Tools MIDWEST PRESS-BRAKE-DIES Press brake dies
Machine Tools MITEE-BITE CLAMPING Fixture clamps
Machine Tools NASCO IND Screwfeeders
Machine Tools OGURA Portable electric hole puncher
Machine Tools OLIVER MACHINERY Woodworking equipment
Machine Tools OMEGA ENGINEERING PLCs, switches
Machine Tools OMGA INC Saws, woodworking equipment
Machine Tools OS WALKER Magnetic chucks
Machine Tools P/A INDUSTRIES Roll & Sheet feeding equipment, coil handling
Machine Tools PALMGREN STEEL PRODUCTS Vises, arbor presses, band saws, drill presses, grinders/buffers/ sanders, machine bases
Machine Tools PARLEC INC. Toolholders and presetters
Machine Tools PAX PRODUCTS INC Pressroom products (Lube, conveyors, die doors)
Machine Tools PEERLESS TOOLING CO Lift handles, hand wheels, clamps, Vee blocks, knobs, lift rings, rest pads
Machine Tools PROCUNIER Drilling & tapping heads & machines
Machine Tools PRODUCTION MACHINERY Roll bending equipment
Machine Tools READY TECHNOLOGY Nitrogen gas springs
Machine Tools RENTAPEN INC Tooling components
Machine Tools RITEN INDUSTRIES INC Live centers, dead centers, face drivers
Machine Tools RITEWAY BRAKE DIES Press brake dies
Machine Tools ROHM PRODUCTS OF AMERICA Chucks, liver centers, vises, mandrels
Machine Tools ROYAL MACHINE & TOOL Chucks, fixtures
Machine Tools ROYAL PRODUCTS Collets, Mounts, Filtermist, Centers
Machine Tools SHARP INDUSTRIES Machinery (lathes, mills, drills, surface grinders)
Machine Tools SODICK INC EDM machines
Machine Tools STAFFORD MFG CORP Linear bearings & rods
Machine Tools SUGINO CORP Self-feed drilling and tapping equipment
Machine Tools SUNNEX INC Machinery task lighting
Machine Tools SUPERIOR Collet pads, feed fingers
Machine Tools TAPESWITCH CORP Tape & ribbons switches, sending mats
Machine Tools TAPMATIC Tapping heads
Machine Tools TECHNIKS Toolholders
Machine Tools TE-CO Tooling components, vises, toggle clamps, modular fixtures
Machine Tools TRICO MFG CORP Lubrication equipment & Accessories
Machine Tools UNIST Coolant/Lubrication systems
Machine Tools VEKTEK INC Clamps, work supports, fixture components
Machine Tools WALTER MEIER Jet
Machine Tools WOLVERINE TOOL CO Clamps
Machine Tools WOODSTOCK INTERNATIONAL Woodworking Equipment
Machine Tools ZEBRA SKIMMERS CORP Coolant skimmers, test kits, refractometers
Category Vend Name  
Material Handling ADVANCE LIFTS Lift tables, dock lifts, work platforms, stretch wrappers
Material Handling AKRO-MILS Storage bins, stacking bins, totes, material carts
Material Handling ANVER CORPORATION Vacuum lifting systems and components
Material Handling BAL-TROL Pneumatic balancers & lifters
Material Handling BASCO Barrels, drums, tanks, drum handling equipment, emergency spill kits, safety cans & cabinets
Material Handling BUSHMAN EQUIPMENT Material Handling Equipment
Material Handling CALDWELL GROUP INC Lifting hooks, spreader beams, sheet & coil lifters, crane components, lifting slings
Material Handling CM INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTS Hoists, cranes, electrification systems, lifting beams
Material Handling CONTRX INDUSTRIES Jib Cranes
Material Handling COTTERMAN CO Ladders
Material Handling CSCI/EQUIPTO Storage shelving, pallet rack, cabinets, lockers
Material Handling DEMAG CRANES & COMPONENTS Cranes, hoists, crane drives
Material Handling DUCT-O-WIRE Electrification Systems
Material Handling ERGOTECH Work Positioners and Conveyors
Material Handling GORILLA PALLETS Plastic pallets
Material Handling HALLOWELL Shelving
Material Handling HAMILTON CASTER & MFG CO Casters, wheels, carts & trailers
Material Handling HARRINGTON HOISTS AND CRANES Air & Electric hoists, cranes, pullers
Material Handling HIS AIRFLOAT Air bearing movers
Material Handling HUBBELL WORKPLACE SOLUTIONS Balancers, workstations, carts, jib cranes
Material Handling ICWUSA.COM INC CRT Stands
Material Handling INGERSOLL-RAND CO Air & Electric hoists, winches, cranes
Material Handling J.C. RENFROE AND SONS Lifting devises
Material Handling JAMCO PRODUCTS Carts, platform trucks, wagons, cabinets
Material Handling JARKIE/GILLIS Material storage racks
Material Handling LETELLIER MHE INC Customer lifting devices
Material Handling LEYBOLD VACUUM USA Vacuum pumps & fittings
Material Handling LIFT-ALL Nylon lifting slings
Material Handling LIFTEX Nylon slings, chain slings, tie downs
Material Handling LYON WORKSPACE PRODUCTS Metal shelving, pallet racking, storage cabinets, lockers
Material Handling MARTIN ENGINEERING Vacuum Lifting
Material Handling MECALUX Pallet racking
Material Handling MINI MOVER CONVEYOR Product conveyors & accumulators
Material Handling MODERN EQUIPMENT CO Cantilever racking, hand carts, storage cabinets
Material Handling NEWCO MFG CO INC Wire rope clamps & thimbles
Material Handling ORBIS A DIV OF MENASHA Bins, pallets, bulk containers
Material Handling P/A INDUSTRIES Roll & Sheet feeding equipment, coil handling
Material Handling PEERLESS CHAIN CO Lifting chain & components, hardware chain
Material Handling PRESTO LIFTS, INC. Lift tables, lift & tilt tables, pallet trucks, stackers
Material Handling ROLL A WAY CONVEYOR Roller, skate wheel and belt conveyors, ball transfer tables
Material Handling SpaceGuard Products Wire partitions, wire lockers, rail guards
Material Handling STRATO-VACUUM HANDLING Vacuum lifting devices and components
Material Handling STRONG HOLD PRODUCTS Cabinets
Material Handling VACU HOIST INC Vacuum lifting system
Material Handling VESTIL MFG CO Lift tables, dock plates, pallet jacks, hand trucks
Material Handling WESCO MFG CO Hand trucks, drum dollies, pallet jacks, dock plates
Material Handling ZIMMERMAN Balancers, lifters, cranes
Category Vend Name  
Material Handling AMERICAN ART CLAY Kilns, Wheels, Clays, Glazes
MRO Ames Lawn & Garden Tools Shovels & Rakes
MRO ANDERSON Brushes for maintenance & production
MRO ARO F-R-L's, air line components, fluid handling pumps
MRO BIG ASS FANS CO Ceiling & ventilation fans 
MRO BOND CORP Tack cloths
MRO BOSS MFG CO Gloves & Raingear
MRO BRADY CORP Labeling products, signs, UD systems
MRO BRUSH MAN LLC Hand brushes, Brooms, Cleaning brushes
MRO C.L. SMITH Paint Cans
MRO CAPLUGS Protective closures - caps, plugs, netting
MRO CHICAGO HARDWARE & FIXTURE Turnbuckles, eyebolts, lifting eyes, pins, S-hooks, U-bolts, shackles
MRO COTTERMAN CO Ladders - extension, rolling, office, fixed
MRO EAGLE MFG CO Safety cans, safety cabinets, spill containment, plastic drums
MRO EIDOS CORPORATION Ergonomic stools, chairs, creepers
MRO FREUND CONTAINER INC Glass, metal & plastic containers, pails, drums, caps & closures
MRO GRAYMILLS CORP Industrial pumps, parts washers, 
MRO HD HUDSON MANUFACTURING Portable sprayers & applicators
MRO HELLERMANN TYTON Cable ties & tools, clamps, heatshrink tubing, labels, wiring duct
MRO HUOT MFG CO Cutting tool storage cabinets & carts
MRO INDUSTRIAL MAGNETICS Lifting magnets, shop magnets, magnetic retrievers, magnetic sweepers, tramp oil magnets
MRO J.P. NISSEN Paint Markers
MRO JBI Paint Booths
MRO LOGAN Wire partitions
MRO LOMA INDUSTRIES INC Alum tags & laminations
MRO LOUISVILLE LADDER Ladders - step, extension, warehouse, rolling, work platforms, scaffolds
MRO MIDWAY CONTAINER Plastic pails, bottles, cans, drums, pouches, bags
MRO MOCAP RUBBER PRODUCTS Customer rubber & plastic molded products
MRO NOTRAX MATTING Matting - entrance, safety/anti-fatigue, non-conductive, anti-static, specialty
MRO PRECISION MARSHALL Steel products (flat stock, drill rod, plates)
MRO RAM-PAC INTERNATION Hydraulic cylinders, presses & acc
MRO Ray-O-Vac HD, Alkaline & Rechargeable batteries
MRO REELCRAFT IND INC Hose reels, electrical reels, fuel reels
MRO REMCO PRODUCTS Brushes, Brooms, Tubs
MRO ROYAL & LANGNICKEL Brushes (artist), paints
MRO RUSTOLEUM Paints & sealants
MRO SIGNODE PKG SYSTEM Steel & Plastic strapping, stretch wrap
MRO SINGER SAFETY CO Weld partitions, sound partitions, vinyl strip products
MRO SMITH FILTER CORP Commercial & Industrial filters
MRO SPENCER AIR Vacuum systems & blowers
MRO STANDARD DIE SUPPLY Custom die stamping
MRO SUNNEX INC High-Intensity Lights
MRO TIPALOY INC Spot welding tips
MRO TPI CORPORATION Fans & ventilation
MRO TRINITY TOOL CO Blast cleaning equipment
MRO UNISORB Machine mounts & pads
MRO WEARWELL Floor mats - anti-fatigue, anti-static, entrance, non-conductive, clean room specialty
Category Vend Name  
Power Tools AIMCO Torque tools, pulse tools, cordless tools, assembly tools
Power Tools AJAX TOOL WORKS INC Chipping hammer tools, demolition tools, electric hammer tools, scrapers
Power Tools APEX Impact sockets, extensions, insert bits
Power Tools APEX Impact sockets, extensions, insert bits
Power Tools BALDOR Bench Grinders
Power Tools BAL-TROL Pneumatic balancers & lifters
Power Tools BURR KING MFG CO INC Belt grinders, disc sanders, deburring machines, vibratory bowls
Power Tools CONTACT RUBBER CORP Contact wheels, expanding mandrels, backing pads
Power Tools COOPER POWER TOOLS Assembly tools, fixtured tools, sanders, grinders, torque tools
Power Tools CP NORTH AMERICA Assembly tools, screwdrivers, drills, grinders, impact tools
Power Tools DANAIR INC Palm nailers
Power Tools DESCHNER CORP Absorbers & Checks
Power Tools DEWALT INDUSTRIAL TOOLS Electric tools. Cordless tools, compressors, woodworking tools
Power Tools DYNABRADE INC Sanders, belt grinders, finishing tools, buffers, specialty air tools
Power Tools FEIN POWER TOOLS INC Electric tools - drills, screwdrivers, grinders, polishers, Multimaster tools
Power Tools FERRO INDUSTRIES INC Backing pads, polishing pads
Power Tools HECK IND Bevelers, notchers
Power Tools HITACHI KOKI USA LTD Cordless Tools - impacts, screwdrivers, drills.  Electric tools - impacts, screwdrivers, drills, saws, sanders, routers
Power Tools HITECH USA Metal cutting circular saws, magnetic drills, annular cutters
Power Tools HK Porter Hydraulic & pneumatic HD cutters
Power Tools HONSA ERGONOMIC TECH Vibration-reduced air tools
Power Tools HOUGEN MFG INC Magnetic Drilling unit
Power Tools HYTORC Pneumatic, Hydraulic & Electric high torque assembly tools
Power Tools IMPERIAL-NEWTON Impact sockets & acc
Power Tools INGERSOLL-RAND CO Air tools - impacts, drills, screwdrivers, assembly, sanders, grinders, fixtured tools.  DC electric tools
Power Tools JACOBS Drill chucks, arbors, keys
Power Tools KETT TOOL CO Air & Electric nibblers & shears
Power Tools MAGNI-POWER COMPANY Press feed magnets, magnetic sweepers
Power Tools MASTER POWER Air tools - drills, sanders, grinders, screwdrivers
Power Tools MODERN MFG CO Nibblers, Seam Closing Hammers
Power Tools NASCO IND Torque Arms, Balancers, Overhead tools supports
Power Tools NITTO KOHKI USA INC Air tools - drills, sanders, grinders, bevelers, hammers, scalers
Power Tools NORBAR TORQUE TOOLS Torque drivers, multipliers, calibration & measurement systems
Power Tools OGURA Portable electric hole puncher
Power Tools PANASONIC CORP Cordless tools - drills, impacts, screwdrivers, saws, kits
Power Tools ROBERT BOSCH TOOL CO Corded & Cordless tools - grinders, drills, screwdrivers, routers, saws, nailers, planers, polishers
Power Tools SIMONDS INC Air tools - crimpers, pliers, cutters
Power Tools SIOUX TOOLS INC Air tools - drills, assembly, sanders, grinders, hammers, polishers, specialty
Power Tools SUGINO Self-feed tools
Power Tools SUPERIOR PNEUMATIC Air tools - hammers, scalers, drills, sanders, grinders
Power Tools TITAN TOOL COMPANY Stud drivers & removers
Power Tools TRI-MOTION IND INC Baltrol Balancers
Power Tools URREA PROFESSIONAL Impact sockets
Category Vend Name  
Precision Measuring ACCURATE TECHNOLOGY ProScale linear scales
Precision Measuring BLAKE MFG Indicators
Precision Measuring BROWNE & SHARP Micrometers, calipers, height gauges, indicators
Precision Measuring FAIRGATE RULE CO INC Steel & Plastic rules, custom rules
Precision Measuring FLEXBAR MACHINE Inspection equipment, measuring equipment & tools
Precision Measuring FOWLER Micrometers, calipers, height gauges, indicators
Precision Measuring HEMCO CORP Thread plug & ring gauges
Precision Measuring MAHR FEDERAL INC Micrometers, calipers, height gauges, indicators
Precision Measuring MITUTOYO CORP Micrometers, calipers, height gauges, indicators, CMMs, DROs, bore gauges
Precision Measuring OMEGA ENGINEERING Sensors, gages, testing equipment
Precision Measuring PAUL N GARDNER CO Test Equipment (Abrasive, film thickness, adhesion, density, etc…)
Precision Measuring PI-TAPE Inside & outside diameter tapes, linear rules, custom rules & taps
Precision Measuring R & B MFG INC Inclinometers
Precision Measuring S P I  INC Calipers, micrometers, gage blocks, layout tools, optical inspection, test equipment
Precision Measuring STARRET Calipers, micrometers, gage blocks, layout tools, optical inspection, test equipment
Precision Measuring VERMONT PRECISION TOOLING Pin gages
Category Vend Name  
Safety BOSS MFG CO Gloves, boots, rainwear, safety vests
Safety CHEMCO MFG CO INC Paint arrestors, filters, floor coverings, spray booth coating
Safety CUSTOM LEATHER CRAFT Gloves, back support belts, suspenders
Safety MINNESOTA MINING & MANUFACTURING Safety glasses, protective clothing, hearing protection, head protection, welding helmets, respirators
Safety PIP Gloves, safety glasses, protective clothing, head protection, hearing protection
Safety SELLSTROM Welding helmets, head protection, hearing protection, eye protection, curtains & screens, fire blankets
Safety SINGER SAFETY CO Weld partitions, sound partitions, vinyl strip products
Safety TAPESWITCH CORP Tape & ribbons switches, sending mats
Safety TINGLEY RUBBER CORP Protective footwear  & outerwear
Safety WEST CHESTER HOLDIN Gloves, protective clothing, rainwear