What is a bar-code, and why is it valuable?
Bar-codes are nothing more than a unique set of characters, much like the Greek alphabet.  There are different types of bar-codes, but they all contain a defined set of characters within their language, and they are easily readable to specialized equipment.  So why is everyone looking to bar-codes as a cost saving tool.

Barcodes, by design, are to be read by automated equipment and can reduce or eliminate human error in the process.  By barcoding an item, it can be quickly handled during the receiving or issuing process and can be used to track product quality through the manufacturing line.

At Peerless Supply we can provide bar-coded labels or documents to assist in automating your processes.  We use them for our Vendor Managed Inventory systems and our integrated supply contracts, so we know how to create and provide them in a competent manner.  If you’d like more information on bar-coding, just let us know.