Vending is a hot topic right now, and its growth is fast paced and successful. So what is vending and how is it beneficial to you.

We’re all familiar with a beverage machine and its ability to dispense the item we want with near 100% reliability.  With industrial vending, the process goes further.  Vending machines come in various sizes and styles and can dispense from one drill bit to large bulky items such as power tools, or even larger.  And industrial vending has the advantage of being able to track each product issued to the user, machine, product line and more.  It can also limit or block usage of specific items based upon a user’s needs and habits

At Peerless Supply, we have partnered with AutoCrib, the premier industrial vending solutions provider in the country.  Leveraging their experience and innovation, we are able to tailor a system to meet your specific needs and document significant savings in most installations.

For more information about AutoCrib and their industrial vending solutions, click here.